A faster way
to the top


Gregor Sikošek
2016 Slovenian National Road Race Champion (Masters A)

A revolutionary approach
to cycling coaching


Matej Lovše
2013 UWCT World Time Trial Champion

Your own personal coach

Analysis of each training.

Automated intervals detection

We developed an algorithm that detects and checks your entire workout. It automatically goes over your every workout and it analyses your commitment to the plan.

immediate feedback

After your workout is analyzed you will get immediate feedback and score on how well you did your workout. Can you get the highest score?

Do it right

Clear instructions.

Structured workouts

We prescirbe you the number, length and intensity of the intervals so you can get the most out of every workout. You just have to follow the plan and get to the top.

Never do a wrong workout

With accurate and detailed yet simple workout description we can make sure you will never do a wrong workout ever again.

Time saver

Organising your day has never been easier.


Clean and simple overview of your plan, training days will help you organise your training habbits.

Strava integration

Synchronizing files with Strava will take care off all the worrying about uploading your files. From now on you will always have your workouts in one place and ready for analysis.